How Is Ozone Therapy Administered and Why It Matters
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In the pursuit of wellness, individuals often seek methods to boost their immune systems and address chronic pain and other enduring health challenges. While traditional approaches can be effective, alternative therapies offer complementary benefits. Ozone therapy is an approach that leverages the unique properties of ozone gas to help the body in its healing processes and enhance energy levels.

At Flow IV Infusion Therapy, we provide ozone therapy to our patients in Weston and Hollywood, FL, as part of our round-the-clock concierge clinic services. Recognizing the diverse needs of our patients, we are committed to offering accessible and supportive care anytime it’s needed.

What Is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy involves introducing ozone gas, a colorless compound composed of three oxygen atoms, into the body to address a range of medical issues. The ozone can be introduced to the body through various methods. The goal is to use ozone’s reactive characteristics to activate the immune system and elevate blood oxygen levels, creating conditions conducive to improved health.

The Science Behind Ozone Therapy

The effectiveness of ozone therapy hinges on its oxidative capabilities, which activate immunity and antioxidant responses. This process helps to detoxify certain pollutants, inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast, and stimulate oxygen metabolism. Improved cellular oxygenation is believed to enhance the body’s ability to heal and combat disease.

How Is Ozone Therapy Administered?


Before beginning ozone therapy, patients go through an evaluation to make sure they are suitable candidates for the treatment. This includes a detailed medical history review and a physical examination to personalize the therapy. It’s important to determine any potential conditions that might interact with the therapy to optimize safety and effectiveness.

Blood Drawing

The first step in the administration of ozone therapy involves drawing blood from the patient. This is performed using sterile techniques, and only a small amount of blood is needed. The blood is collected in a special container that is prepped for the next phase of ozonation.


During ozonation, the drawn blood is exposed to a precise concentration of ozone gas. The process enhances the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity and activates certain biological functions that are beneficial for health.

Additional Treatments

Depending on the patient’s condition and treatment goals, additional therapies may be combined with ozone IV therapy to enhance outcomes. These can include UBI therapy or vitamin infusions that support the efficacy of ozone therapy.


Once the ozonation process is complete, the treated blood is reinserted into the patient’s bloodstream through an intravenous (IV) line. This method allows the ozonated blood to circulate throughout the body, maximizing the therapeutic effects of the ozone therapy.


Post-treatment care for ozone therapy includes monitoring the patient for any immediate reactions and providing guidelines on activities. Patients are advised to stay hydrated and may be instructed to avoid strenuous activities for a certain period to maximize the benefits of the therapy.

Why We Choose Ozone IV Therapy

While ozone can be administered in various forms, such as topical application or insufflation, ozone IV therapy is preferred at our clinic because it allows for broader systemic effects. Because this method involves mixing ozone with blood and reintroducing it to the body, it spreads the therapeutic benefits throughout the entire circulatory system. As a result, it can target a wider range of conditions effectively and efficiently. A well-oxygenated body can better manage and potentially overcome various health challenges through enhanced immune response and improved cellular function.

How Frequently Should Ozone Therapy Be Administered?

The frequency of ozone therapy sessions varies depending on individual health conditions and treatment goals. A course might start with sessions once or twice a week, with adjustments made based on patient response and therapeutic outcomes. Over time, the frequency may decrease as the patient experiences improvements in their symptoms. A consultation is the best way to get a more accurate picture of your treatment plan.

What Is UBI Therapy?

UBI, or ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy, is a treatment method that involves exposing the blood to ultraviolet light. This process is believed to activate and regulate the immune system, making it a useful adjunctive therapy for certain patients. When we combine these two treatments, the blood is drawn, treated with ozone and UV light, and then returned to the patient’s body.

What Can Ozone IV Therapy Be Used For?

  • Ozone Therapy for Chronic Pain: Ozone therapy for pain relief can be a valuable way to manage chronic pain conditions. By improving oxygen delivery to tissues, this therapy helps to alleviate discomfort and enhance tissue repair, potentially reducing reliance on conventional pain medications.
  • Ozone Therapy for Immune System: Ozone IV therapy is thought to stimulate the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells and releasing cytokines, proteins that help modulate immune responses. This can be beneficial in strengthening the body’s defense mechanisms against infections and reducing the incidence of certain autoimmune symptoms.
  • Ozone Therapy for Aging and Overall Health: The application of ozone therapy benefits extends to aging and general wellness. By enhancing oxygen metabolism and reducing oxidative stress, ozone therapy can contribute to improved vitality and health and help delay some of the effects associated with aging.

Improve Your Health With Ozone Therapy

At Flow IV Infusion Therapy, we offer ozone therapy as a method to improve various health conditions, ranging from chronic pain to a diminished immune system, to patients in Weston and Hollywood, FL. The benefits of this therapy are amplified by our careful and professional application, helping patients achieve better health outcomes. If you’re ready to explore how ozone therapy can benefit you, fill out our contact form or call us at (954) 546-3905 to learn more.


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