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A photo of Dr. Cantisano

Dr. Ana Roig Cantisano, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Ana Roig Cantisano, MD is a board-certified physician specializing in pediatric emergency medicine. She completed her medical degree in 1988 and completed her residency in 1998 at Miami Children’s Hospital. She currently serves as the medical director for a local pediatric emergency department. Her energy and knowledge beyond pediatrics is a symbiotic relationship that benefits our clients as well as our company.

A photo of Kathy

Kathy Savastano, RN, BSN, MBA


Kathy Savastano is a Baccalaureate prepared registered nurse with 22 years of nursing experience in emergency medicine and cardiac-intervention. Kathy has been in a leadership role for the last 9 years and obtained her MBA during the height of the Covid pandemic. She is excited to change her focus to promoting wellness versus addressing health issues that could have been prevented with proper nutrition, hydration and knowledge.

(954) 546-3905

A photo of Ashley Griffith

Ashley Griffith, Pharm D, Cph

Consulting Pharmacist

Ashley Griffith is a Clinical Pharmacist with training in Total Parenteral Nutrition for patients with various clinical conditions such as premature neonates, critically ill patients, and patients with permanent loss of gastrointestinal function. I am able to customize treatment by assessing the patient’s nutritional needs then develop and implement an individualized hydration care plan.

A photo of Dom

Dom Savastano


Dom Savastano comes with an extensive history of managing auto dealerships. His experience in management, marketing, sales, and procurement is a perfect match for our company. Dom’s main objective is creating a community empowering culture, where we put our clients first.

(954) 774-0500

Angelo Savastano

Founding Partner

The first born to Kathy, Angelo is motivated to provide only the highest quality vitamins to our clients to ensure a healthy and thriving community. He provides strong marketing and sales skills which have been proven successful in his 7 year career in the finance industry. A former athlete himself, you’ll find Angelo in the gym or in the kitchen whipping up some nutritiously delicious meals.

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