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At FlowIV Infusion Therapy in Weston, FL, we offer lab testing to meet the needs of men and women who want to get a better understanding of their bodies so they can take steps to treat current symptoms and conditions and prevent illness and disease. Our various test options can be scheduled in person at our clinic, and we also offer mobile lab testing options for Hollywood and Weston patients who can’t make the trip into the office for their lab test. 

What Is Lab Testing?

Lab testing allows patients to get more insight into the current state of their health so they can take proactive steps to treat symptoms, deficiencies, and conditions and prevent future diseases. Our different tests can give you a better understanding of the current state of your health and determine whether you’re suffering from micronutrient deficiencies or have certain food allergies that you’re currently unaware of.

This testing process provides invaluable information about your body and your health. For some, it helps connect the dots of why they’re experiencing certain symptoms. For others, it helps them learn more about their bodies and begin a treatment protocol to improve their health and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

How Is Lab Testing Performed?

Lab testing for everything from food sensitivities to micronutrient levels typically involves a blood draw. We may take one or several vials based on the extent of testing that we recommend for you. Once the results are in, we will have the information we need to recommend your next steps.

What Are the Benefits of Lab Testing?

Comprehensive Health Insights

A lab test can uncover hidden health issues and provide a clear picture of your overall well-being. This approach helps us identify areas that may need attention so that we can guide you toward a healthier lifestyle and better health management.

Early Disease Detection

Detecting diseases at their onset can improve treatment outcomes and quality of life. By using lab tests, we can spot early signs of conditions before they develop into more serious health issues.

Personalized Health Recommendations

Each individual’s health journey is unique, requiring customized advice and strategies. With the insights gained from a lab test, we can offer personalized health recommendations that align with your specific needs and goals.

Accurate Nutrient Assessment

Understanding the levels of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your body is important if you are seeking to achieve or maintain optimal health. A blood testing lab can provide precise measurements, allowing us to address any deficiencies or imbalances.

Informed Lifestyle Changes

Making informed decisions about your lifestyle can lead to improvements in your health and wellness. Insights from lab tests equip you with the knowledge needed to make changes that have a real impact. Whether it’s adjusting your diet, exercise, or stress management techniques, these data-driven decisions can lead to a healthier, more balanced life.

Why Choose Our Lab Testing?

Regardless of why you need to undergo lab testing, know that when you do, you’ll be investing in your current and future health and taking control of your healthcare with a better understanding of your body, how it operates, its deficiencies, and what you need to do to promote balance and wellness.

When you schedule treatments with FlowIV Infusion Therapy, you can rest assured that you’ll undergo a safe and fully customized treatment. Healthcare professionals at our testing lab administer all of our lab testing options in a clinical environment. So whether you schedule mobile or in-clinic testing, you can expect professional treatment, a sterile environment, and an excellent experience.

Our Lab Testing Options

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Micronutrient Testing

Our micronutrient lab testing option tests for 55 different micronutrient deficiencies. It tests vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients within your immune cells. Micronutrient deficiencies cause negative symptoms that can also lead to serious health concerns. Some of the most common include calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin B12, magnesium, and folate deficiencies. A vitamin D lab test can help us screen for bone disorders, while an iron test can help us get to the root of symptoms such as fatigue or headaches. 

These deficiencies all lead to negative symptoms and can also contribute to health conditions. By testing for micronutrient deficiencies, we can give you more insight into your health and the cause of any symptoms you’re dealing with. Then, we can use your test results to customize a treatment protocol with IV drips and oral supplementation specifically designed for your needs.

Food Sensitivity Test

The Food Sensitivity test measures any responses you might have to the things you eat along with reactions to any other substances that happen at the cellular level. This lab test can help reveal any underlying triggers that can lead to uncomfortable symptoms. Men and women suffering from chemical and food sensitivities that they’re unaware of often have to deal with regular symptoms that negatively impact their health and how they feel daily.

The most common symptoms of food and chemical sensitivities include migraines, fatigue, joint pain, gastrointestinal disorders, and other symptoms related to chronic immune system activation. The ALCAT lab test can provide you with valuable insights into which foods and chemicals may be adversely affecting your body. By identifying these triggers, you can adjust your diet and lifestyle to reduce or eliminate them, potentially reducing symptoms and enhancing your overall health and well-being.

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The CICA test option tests for gluten sensitivities and other gastrointestinal disorders. It analyzes genetic predisposition, measures potentially inflammatory cellular reactions, and can detect specific antibodies through a simple blood draw.

CICA is a lab test for celiac disease, IBS, and Crohn’s Array, diseases which all interfere with healthy gastrointestinal function. Once you get your results, you can take steps to treat your symptoms and eliminate different foods from your diet to promote gastrointestinal health and avoid discomfort.

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MethylDetox Lab Test

The MethylDetox test is designed to test critical genes in the methylation pathway. Methylation is a biochemical process that assists with regulating specific bodily systems, including the body’s detoxification, neurological, reproductive, and cardiovascular systems. There are different foods, lifestyle choices, and habits that can interfere with methylation, which leads to negative symptoms.

The methylation lab test is designed to help you better understand your genes and how they impact methylation. Once you get your results, you can work towards addressing existing health problems and preventing future ones with the right lifestyle choices and nutrition. There are different nutrients found in whole foods, supplements, and IVs that promote healthy methylation, and we can design an IV protocol that’s right for you after you receive your test results.

What to Expect From Your Lab Tests

If you’re interested in scheduling one of our lab tests, we can give you all the information you need about this treatment, the process, how it works, and how to prepare.

The testing process itself is quick and simple, but it gives you a wealth of information about your body so you can begin a customized treatment protocol to improve your health. We will walk through your blood testing labs with you and ensure you have the tools and resources to understand and use your test results to your advantage.

Lab Testing FAQs

This non-invasive lab test is quick and virtually painless. One of our health professionals will cleanse your skin before taking a blood sample. Our medical professionals are skilled in this process and will take every step possible to ensure a comfortable treatment experience.

Lab testing is a quick treatment. It typically takes 10 minutes or less for a blood draw. Then, once we get the results from the testing lab, we can review them with you.

Our mobile unit makes blood test labs simple and convenient. We serve Weston, Hollywood, and the surrounding areas, including Pembroke Pines, Davie, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, and Miramar. Our mobile unit serves Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties.

Men and women from all walks of life can schedule lab testing to learn more about their health, find out the root cause of certain conditions and symptoms, and then take proactive steps to live a healthier lifestyle and improve their overall health. Some patients undergo one lab test; others are interested in several.

Once we meet with you to learn more about your symptoms and concerns, we can recommend lab tests if you are unsure where to begin. We’ll also confirm your lab testing eligibility and answer any questions you have about this process.

Preparing properly can support the accuracy of your results when visiting blood testing labs. Fasting might be required for certain tests, meaning you should not eat or drink anything except water for a set period before particular tests. You should always inform us of any medications you are taking, as these can influence your results. Wear comfortable clothing to ensure ease of access for any blood draw, and try to relax before your appointment to allow for the most accurate outcomes.

The best way to understand your lab results is to go over them with us. Each value will be explained in context to your overall health and specific conditions. We discuss what the different numbers and indicators mean, how they compare to standard ranges, and what, if any, steps should be taken next. Remember, these results are a snapshot of your health at a specific time and should be viewed as part of a larger health picture.

The frequency of lab tests depends on your individual health status, age, and any ongoing conditions. Generally, we recommend annual testing as part of a routine health check-up. However, more frequent testing may be advised if you’re managing chronic conditions or experiencing unusual symptoms. Significant changes to your diet or lifestyle may also warrant additional lab tests. Regular testing helps us track your health over time and aids in the early detection of possible health issues.

Choose Our Lab Testing for Your Health Needs in Weston & Hollywood, FL

Lab testing allows you to take control of your health. The knowledge that this testing process provides gives you the power to take the necessary steps to treat and alleviate symptoms, correct deficiencies, and eliminate food groups that are negatively impacting your body. At FlowIV Infusion Therapy, we can give you more information about our lab testing options and help create a prescriptive and preventative treatment protocol that enables you to become the healthiest version of yourself. To start the process, call us at (954) 546-3905 or contact us online for consultations in Weston and Hollywood, FL.